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The members of this family produce orb-webs (circular with a spiral) with closed hubs and a strong signal line from the hub to the retreat is usually present. In Northern Europe this family is represented by 17 genera and there are 50 known species within those genera.

Araneus angulatus

Araneus diadematus

Araneus quadratus

Araneus marmoreus var. pyramidatus

Argiope bruennichi

Araniella cucurbitina

Atea sturmi

Cyclosa conica

Cyrtophora citricola

Gibbaranea omoeda

Larinioides cornutus

Larinioides sclopetarius

Mangora acalypha

Neoscona adianta

Nuctenea umbratica

Zilla diodia

Zygiella x-notata

Zygiella atrica



Most spiders in this family make orb-webs with a small hole in the hub, although adult Pachygnatha abandon web building and hunt at ground level. There are 3 genera and 16 species in this family in Northern Europe.

Meta menardi

Meta merianae

Meta mengei

Meta segmentata

Tetragnatha montana

Tetragnatha extensa



This cribellate family is represented in the wild in Northern Europe by two species: Uloborus walckenaerius and Hyptiotes paradoxus, I have photographed neither. However, several species of the genus Uloborus have been found in large commercial greenhouses across the region. The species in this family do not posess any venom glands and the webs often have stabilimentum (zig-zags of silk across the web).

Uloborus plumipes



These are commonly called comb-footed spiders in Britain and build an irregular three-dimensional web in corners. There are 12 genera and 76 species found in Northern Europe.

Anelosimus vittatus

Enoplognatha ovata

Episinus angulatus

Steatoda bipunctata

Theridion sisyphium

Theridion pictum




There are only two genera in this family in this region and only three species. Sometimes referred to as wolf spiders.

Pisaura mirabilis



There are 43 genera and 75 species in this family. These spiders have large forward-facing eyes and are commonly called jumping spiders.

Euophrys frontalis

Evarcha flammata

Sitticus pubescens

Salticus scenicus


Thomisidae philodrominae

Agile crab spiders. Generally walk forward but do walk sideways.

Philodromus dispar

Philodromus cespitum


Thomisidae misumeninae

Crab spiders. Mostly walk sideways.

Misumena vatia

Ozyptila praticola

Synaema globosum

Tibellus oblongus

Thomisus onustus

Xysticus cristatus

Xysticus erraticus



House spiders. Often found under logs and in garages.

Coelotes inermis

Tegenaria gigantea



Dictyna arundinacea

Nigma puella



There are ten genera in this family. Most species are nocturnal hunters and spend the daytime in a silken retreat.

Zelotes latreillei



Nocturnal spiders that build lacy funnel webs.

Amaurobius similis



Sac-spiders. Nocturnal hunters, live in silken chambers during the day.

Clubiona corticalis



Six eyed spiders. Hunt mainly at night. Often have large jaws.

Segestria florentina

Segestria senoculata



Spitting spiders. Small nocturnal hunters.

Scytodes thoracica



Daddy-longlegs spiders. Found around houses.

Pholcus phalangiodes



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